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On May 19th, the CITA held its third and final Awards Night of the year at the High School. This is where we awarded the seniors with their scholarships.  It was a great night and the students were surprised and extremely happy.  Below is a list of the winners and the name/amount of their award. Thank You to all the CITA members who generousy donated. Without your donation, we wouldn’t have been able to give away as many scholarships as we did.  Our total this year was $68,500!!

Central Islip Teachers Association Scholarship Winners – 2014

CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $10,000 - Rishav Choudhary
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $10,000 – Mohini Gobin
CITA Carol Pufahl Memorial Scholarship - $5,000 – Alicia Hamilton    
CITA Charles Corcoran Scholarship - $5,000 – Noshin Khan
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $4,000 – Devontae Torriente
Central Islip Teachers Association Scholarship - $4,000 – Alyssa Lim
Central Islip Teachers Association Scholarship - $3,500 – Josephine Amusa
Central Islip Teachers Association Scholarship  - $3,500 – Berenice Ben
CITA Teresa Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship - $2,500 - Ibtisam Ouldelhkim
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $2,500 – Dina Velasquez
Central Islip Teachers Association - $2,500 – Luis Lobos
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship- $2,000 – Anderson Seecharan
CITA Mark Newhouse Future Teachers Scholarship - $1,300 – Jada Nelson
CITA Ann Cicero Memorial Scholarship - $1,250 – Megan Panebianco
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $1,200 – Jasmine Kasheboon Khoury
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $1,200 –  Juval Varlack
CITA Marie Suozzo Scholarship - $1,000 - Chardna Jean Baptiste
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 - Keyla Ordonez
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 - Isis Green
CITA Wallach Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 - Nicole Shell
Central Islip Teachers Association- $1,000 – Karen Argueta
Central Islip Retired Teachers Association - $1,000 – Rachel Saltus
CITA Richard Iannuzzi Scholarship - $1,000 – Clarissa Marquez
CITA Gregory P. Krumholz Scholarship - $500 - Natasha Cruz
CITA Achievement Award - $500 – Malcolm Pridgeon
CITA Achievement Award - $400 – Christian Sanchez
CITA Achievement Award - $400 – Taykima Mooney
CITA Melius Family Scholarship - $250 – Nataly Fernandez

award award
award award
award award
award award
award award
award award
award award
award award
award award



In addition to the Central Islip Seniors receiving their scholarships on May 19th, the CITA also honored the Rising Stars in kindergarten and the Standard Scholars in grades 5 and 8.  Congratulations to all the students for their hard work!

award award
awards award
awards awards


On Friday, April 25th the CITA held its annual Movie Night for children Pre-K – 5 and their families. Over 530 people came to watch the movie and they loved it. The kids were laughing and applauding during the movie while enjoying free popcorn and water. Some kids even came dressed in their favorite “Frozen” attire! After the movie, we raffled off 3 Frozen books, a Frozen CD, two Frozen movies and a Frozen poster for the kids and two $25 gift cards to TGI Friday’s for the adults. For the first time this year we held a 50-50 raffle to benefit the scholarship drive and it was a hit! The winning person left with $233.50 while the scholarship drive got the same. Every adult also received a free CITA tote bag and pen while all children received a Frozen activity book and crayons. Everyone had a great time. Over 40 CITA members gave up their Friday night to make this event successful. Thank you to everyone who volunteered.

frozen frozen
frozen frozen


Students at Cordello recently participated in the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® Math-A-Thon program and raised over $4,000 to help kids battling cancer and other deadly diseases. The Math-A-Thon allows students to build and practice essential math skills while they raise funds for kids battling cancer at St. Jude. In addition to the St. Jude Math-A-Thon, the Cordello Math Olympiad's Team sold Hershey Kisses as part of their "Kiss Cancer Goodbye" fundraiser. Students purchased Hershey Kisses for $1 and received a pair of lips to sign, color, and add to the school' s "Cordello is Helping to Kiss Cancer Goodbye" bulletin board. All proceeds were then added to the school-wide donation to St. Jude. Congratulations to the students and staff for embracing the Math-A-Thon and raising critical funds for St. Jude.



The Early Childhood Center’s Physical Education Department celebrated its ‘Heart Healthy Month’ with lessons focused on cardiovascular health and nutrition. The students learned important facts about their heart, how to take their pulse, how to take care of their bodies, and healthy eating habits. The month concluded with a special performance from ‘Slim Goodbody’ and a ‘Jump Rope for Heart’ fundraiser. The children raised $4,250 which was donated to the American Heart Association. Pictured with Mr. Sundstrom and Mrs. Fleming are the top fundraisers in the school, Isabella La Grandier and Loy Saponara. ecc


On January 27, students and their families packed the High School Auditorium to receive their CITA Award. Students wore their Sunday best along with huge smiles as they were presented their award by the officers of the CITA. I know I am biased, but it was another successful night made possible by the many CITA members that came to help out. The Community Liaison Committee couldn't have done it without you! Mark your calendars for the next one on March 24th. See you there!

awards awards
awards awards
awards awards
awards awards
awards awards
awards awards
awards awards
awards awards


The Central Islip Teachers Association held a food drive again this year for the Central Islip Civic Council’s Food Pantry.  When I called the Civic Council to tell them that we will be having the food drive again, they were very thankful.  They said that their pantry was almost empty and I told them that we would fix that!  We certainly did! Thank you to all of the teachers and students and families who donated to this wonderful cause.

Food Food
Food Food


On November 19, 2013 the Central Islip PTSA hosted its annual Shop and Dine. Many CITA members joined in the fun and shopping. Our Teacher Education and Professional Standards Committee Chair Michele Celenza was presented with an award for her years of dedicated service to the Central Islip community. Congratulations Michele and thank you!

Shop Shop
Shop Shop


On October 30th, Safe Halloween returned after a year off due to Super Storm Sandy and the children definitely missed it! The children go from room to room doing many fun activities like coloring or dancing.  The rooms are sponsored by various clubs or organizations and the CITA was again one of those organizations.  So on the day before Halloween, thirteen CITA members put on costumes and volunteered their time to make our room fun for all of the children.  We gave out candy and the children were able to make a foam craft.  They had a choice between making a foam Halloween scary scene, a door hanger, a magnet or a necklace.  I have to say that our room was a hit!!  Frank DeModna stole the show with his cheerleading costume and the children (and teachers) could not stop laughing!  We made over 300 crafts and gave away too many bags of candy to count.  I would like to thank Yvette Elliard-Liburd, Judy Paradine, Sandy Mecurio, Marlene L’Hommedieu, Tara Cudak, Claris Villatoro and kids, Frank DeModna and kids, Sharon Hansen, Maricel Franco, Maureen Esposito, Tom Kuhn and Charlene Murphy for their time and patience with the children.

SAfe Safe
Safe Safe
Safe Safe
Safe Safe


Students in the third and fourth grades at Mulvey had the opportunity to experience some hands-on science during the week of October 21st with a little bit of help from the I AM CI grant program.  Teachers, Jodi Failla and Michele Celenza were awarded the grant last year and used it to off-set the cost of having an in-house science field trip for third and fourth grade students.  Each class visited an experienced science professional from Long Island Science Center to perform several experiments. The third graders hour long program consisted of them observing the changes in the states of matter.  Students shook their way from ice to ice cream.  They also mixed several ingredients to make the polymer known as “Phlubber.”  Lastly, each class got to take home a crystal garden that they started during the presentation, to observe over the next few weeks in class.
The fourth graders received a lesson on force and friction.  This is aligned to the New York State Science Exam for fourth grade.  They were put into small groups after reviewing some science terms important to the topic.  Then students got to make their very own roller coaster using everyday household materials.  They also made spinner and tops, and observed how force plays a role in their ability to work.  Students had the opportunity to test how friction affects the speed of a model car when it is sent down a ramp.  The ramps each had a different surface, and students could experiment by changing the height of the ramps to test if that affects speed. 
It was a wonderful experience for our students.  They were focused on what they were learning, and it was taught in a meaningful, memorable way.

Science Science
Science Science


I have always felt that CITA members are a generous group of people.  Once again, CITA has proven we have generous hearts.  This year we increased CITA’s total donation to the American Cancer’s Society’s Making Strides against Breast Cancer Fundraiser.  In 2012, we raised $1,695.00.  This year I am proud to announce that we raised a total of $3,070. CITA’s contributions almost doubled from last year’s total. 
The O’Neill School Building Reps, Jill Esposito and Kathi Gallagher collected a total of $1200.00 from the O’Neill School family. Thank you for making a huge impact on our fundraising efforts. Thank you CITA!

cancer walk(left to right) Kerry Swike, Eileen Swike,
CITA Treasurer Sandra Mercurio, & Tara Maguire

cancer walk
Judy Paradine, Suffolk Regional Director Peter Verdon, CITA Vice President Tom Kuhn, CITA Treasurer Sandra Mercurio, & Tara Maguire


CITA Happenings 2012-13



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